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Does D-Mannose always help for bladder infections or cystitis?

D-Mannose has been found to be beneficial in cases of bladder infections caused by urinary bacterial infections of E.Coli (which is thought to be the cause of around 85% of cases) and a couple of other rarer bacteria, so for most people it will be very helpful. It may not work as well for interstitial cystitis, although some early reports from researchers suggest that it may help after a longer period of time, perhaps because there are mannose receptors in the bladder wall, but it is unclear why this is.

How quickly does D-Mannose help in bladder infections or cystitis?

This varies from person to person but for some it can start to bring relief within hours and for other more longstanding infections it may take a longer. This is assuming that as discussed above, the cystitis is caused by the most common bacteria.

How quickly can my D-Mannose be delivered?

All orders are delivered free for Amazon Prime members and all orders over £20.

How long will one bag of D-Mannose last?

Each bag contains 50g of natural D-mannose which equates to approximately 25 teaspoons. During a current infection you may need to take 3-4 teaspoons per day until symptoms have subsided and then it is a good idea to continue taking a teaspoon full per day to make sure the last few bacteria can not re-establish.

How long to I need to take D-Mannose for?

As stated above, most symptoms will clear up within a few days having taking D-Mannose continuously but it is advisable to take for a little longer to make sure. For some who have had repeated bladder infections over a longer period of time, find it helpful to take a small amount of D-Mannose, sometimes as little as ' a teaspoon per day to remain free of infection. This is particularly helpful for those who are susceptible to urinary infections such as those with spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, chronic constipation and any condition where the bladder becomes compressed.

Can I take D-Mannose at the same time as taking antibiotics?

Yes, but in most cases the D-Mannose will do the job just as well without causing unpleasant side effects. But if you have already started a course and wish to complete or are following your GP's advice to take them, it will not change the way antibiotics work or interact with them, so is perfectly safe. In the rarer cases where D-Mannose does not banish cystitis after a few days, then you should consult your GP as it may be caused by a rarer bacteria and leaving a urinary tract infection untreated can be dangerous.

What does D-Mannose taste like?

It is a pleasant mildly sweet tasting powder that is best mixed with water, but can also be added to juice or hot drinks.

Is it safe to use D-Mannose when pregnant?

Yes. As D-Mannose is a drug free type of sugar, it is considered safe to use whilst pregnant, which is lucky as cystitis can be a problem is pregnant ladies due to the pressure the baby puts on the bladder. However, if you are unsure or are getting repeated bladder infections, you should consult your doctor or health visitor.

Is D-Mannose safe for children?

Yes as it is simply a specialised form of sugar with no additives.

Is it safe to use D-Mannose if diabetic?

Yes because of the way in which the body processes D-Mannose. It is absorbed slowly from the upper digestive tract, at a significantly slower rate than other sugars, such as glucose, and then passes directly into the blood stream. It is then quickly filtered through the kidneys and into the urethra & bladder, where it comes into contact with the bacteria, latching onto it, and then being passed out in the urine. Therefore, it does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Can D-Mannose help in kidney infections?

Little research has focussed on kidney infections and D-Mannose specifically and as they are a more serious condition than a bladder infection, it is not advisable to rely solely on D-Mannose as a remedy for kidney infections. However, if the kidney infection is caused by E.Coli then as explained above, the D-Mannose will pass through the kidneys and is likely to help clear the bacteria from that area too, so may well be beneficial along side conventional treatment and as a preventative.

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